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The Servo Drives from the AX5000 series are subject to a constant process of further development and improvement. Thus, the firmware and the TCDriveManager (configuration tool) are also under constant development, so that the latest technological innovations can also be used immediately in the Servo Drives.
Download: AX5000 - Download Package
AX2000 / AX2500
Product   Version Download Size
AX2000 / AX2500 - Drive-Software   553 multilanguage 7 MB

 Configuration files
Servo Drives AX2000
Product   Update Download Size
AX20xx - PROFIBUS Interface   26.11.2001 AX2000.gsd 1 kB
Hydraulik Controller AH2000
Product   Update Download Size
AH2001-B310 - PROFIBUS Interface   26.11.2001 AH2001.gsd 2 kB
AH2003-B310 - PROFIBUS Interface   26.11.2001 AH2003.gsd 2 kB
Servo drive EL7201
Product   Update Download Size
EL7201 – Motorfiles MDP   01.02.2013 EL7201_
12 kB
EL7201 – Motorfiles DS402   01.02.2013 EL7201_
12 kB

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